11KW AC EV charger (LX-EV11K-AE)

Available in ground-mounted EV charger WIFI/4G/Ethernet



●Multi communications(WIFI/4G/Ethernet)
●APP charging scheduling
●Load Balance
●PV compatible
●Current adjustable
●Support Ethernet or wireless telecommunication
●Support RFID Card/OCPP 1.6] [optional])
●Support Type-2/(or Socket)optional
●Overload integrated Protection

Applicable Scenes

They are suitable for occasions such as private villas, residential areas, commercial office buildings,urban complex parking lots or urban public charging stations that can charge slowly for a long time; or applied for 4S stores of new energy vehicles, workshop debugging areas, road rescue of new energy vehicles and other occasions that require frequent change of charging station sites or temporary power supply.


Smart Charging

Luxman Wall box/EV charger supports the WIFI control, you can set up start charging your car during off-peak hours, maximize the charging on cheap rate electricity, saving your electricity cost.

Load balancing

This type EV charger supports load balancing to avoid the overload when the EV charger works with the appliances together, and distributes the energy to the EV charger and appliances evenly.

Custom Service

Luxman provides custom service for our product, you can custom the cable length, charger color, and plug types, and you can choose the plug type suitable for your market and needs before ordering.

Rated VoltageAC380V± 15%
IP RatingIP65
RCD30mA+6mA DC detection.
Charging interfaceType2
User AuthenticationMobile Application or User Interface / QR Code/RFID Card
InstallationWall-mounted, Ground-mounted
Installation: Operating temperature-25 to 55°C 

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