Tesla Mobile Charger 3.5kW

Tesla Mobile Charger
Tesla Gun, Plug and Play
1.3" OLED Screen Display
Touch button, adjustable current, adjustable timing
Charger Amperage Adjustable: 8A/10A/13A/16A
Safe and durable, with 2-year warranty

Tesla Mobile Charger 3.5kW


Luxman Portable Electric Car Charger designed for personal home charging use or traveling charging use. The portable design with a plug allows you to charge your car anywhere there is an AC power supply.

It’s a convenient and reliable portable electric car charger product, the adjustable amperage range could fast charge your car according to application conditions or needs.


  • Plug and charge
  • 0.96″ OLED screen
  • Schedule Charging is available
  • Charger Amperage Adjustable: 8A/10A/13A/16A
  • Custom Service is available
  • Safe and durable, with a 2-year warranty


Tesla Mobile Charger 3.5kW

Schedule Start Charging

Luxman Portable EV charger comes with a schedule start charging program, you can set up start charging your car during off-peak hours, maximize the charging on cheap rate electricity, saving your electricity cost.

Tesla Mobile Charger 3.5kW

Adjustable Amperage

Charger Amperage Adjustable Range:  8A/10A/13A/16A, the max.16A current allows you to charge your car fast and minimize waiting time when you are out on an adventure or camping.

Tesla Mobile Charger 3.5kW

Custom Service

Luxman provides custom service for our product, you can custom the cable length, charger color, and plug types, and you can choose the plug type suitable for your market and needs before ordering.


Rated Voltage1-phase: 230VAC±10%
IP RatingIP54
User interfaceOLED (0.96″)
Charging interfaceType 2 socket/5M cable
PlugUK/Schuko/CEE/Nema optional or custom
Cable length5M or custom
Installation: Operating temperature-40℉-131℉

Tesla Portable charger – for Mode 3, Mode S, Mode X, Mode Y

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